Hillcrest Park Zoo is proud to be home to a wide variety of wild animals. Our extensive selection of animals for viewing and observing makes us the ideal mixture of fun and learning. If you are living or visiting New Mexico, we urge you to visit one of the best attractions in Clovis. Stroll through our park with your kids and watch their eyes get big, brimming with curiosity as they enjoy the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Animals to See

Meet the gang!

Sooner: Our Bengal tiger

who loves to show off for guests

and play in his pool.

Jael and Jerrica:

Mother Jael is a Rothschild giraffe

and daughter Jerrica is ¾ Rothschild.

Dot, Dark and Crook:

Three Plains zebra mares

Denton and Suzie:

Two young blue wildebeest 


our bobcat

 Getti, our Spotted hyena

Sheba: A Dromedary camel

Santini and Hawke

Our Bateared foxes

Liberty: Bald eagle that was a gift

from the State of Alaska 

Several lemurs and marmosets

Joe Black: Our famous

You-Tube star Chihuahuan raven

Wally, Abita and Bayou:

Our three largest alligators

Binky, Jasmine, Meeka and Lizzie:

Black- handed spider monkeys

In addition to the above animals, we also have black bear sisters, a reptile house, turkey vultures, emus, small bird aviaries, various deer species including Fallow deer, elk, aoudad, bison, a llama, alpaca, pygmy goats and more.

Visit Us Today

Our animals love visitors! Drop in and see us – plan a visit today.